Labels for refrigerated food

Refrigerated food labels are designed specifically to withstand moisture, however not all labels are created equally in this respect. At food labels we have a few different options.

The most economical is the paper with a laminate (gloss or matt). These are standard paper labels with a clear plastic film applied over the top, which acts as a barrier for moisture and abrasion. We class these as a medium moisture tolerant label. In reality this means that they will last in a normal fridge for some time. They can however show some signs of moisture penetration if they are exposed to lot’s of moisture (being submerged in water, or being in a fridge with very high humidity).

For the ultimate protection you can’t go past a synthetic stock. These are super tough and can withstand even the most extreme environments. These labels will be capable of being submerged in water, they are resistant to heat, oils and even chemicals. they are also recyclable!

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